London Magazine



Gaming tables for chess, dramatic staircases and split-level home offices are just some of London’s most luxurious interiors statements created in lockdown, writes Zoe Dare Hall.

Jane Landino, Our Design & Creative Head of Studio, was featured in a recent article in London Magazine, looking at the interior design sector and how lockdown has influenced what our clients want.

“It’s not all play, though. With the home office once a neglected, even non-existent, space pre-pandemic it has now been escalated to a new, enviable hub. Those who prefer sumptuous maximalism and a sense of drama in their working-from-home eyrie may find inspiration in one of Taylor Howes’s home office designs, whose bespoke Clive Christian joinery eatures customised marquetry. “We dressed the shelves with the client’s collection of antique books, and we sourced an antique mirror and wall sconces to dress the fireplace. We even designed a secret door within the bookcase that leads through to the drawing room,” says Landino. “For the finishing touch, we painted an 18th century celestial star map on the ceiling, with each star picked out in gold leaf.”