Newsletter – April 2023



March sees the heralding of spring, a time of awakening and optimism, of earlier mornings and later evenings. It brings new life and a renewed sense of adventure after a winter of hibernation.

At Taylor Howes Designs, we have embraced the promise of spring with renewed colour palettes and suppliers. This month we share our favourite spring colour, which comes directly off the fashion runways and is the perfect shade for the upcoming season.

We also delve into the fabulous floral world of Marci Rusak Studio, which cleverly incorporates floral design into resin panels, which form the foundations of bespoke furniture. Finally, we spring into the new season with a fresh look at our latest interiors for our charity venture, Rest Nest. Read on to discover more.



Stepping off the ever-glamorous runway of Oscar de la Renta, jewel-tone Cornflower Blue is brimming with vibrancy and a spring-like ambience. Evolving from its older sister, Sky Blue, Cornflower Blue lends a deeper edge and harks memories of early summer garden borders awash with delicate Love in the Mist and spiky Cornflowers. Fashion houses have embraced this colour trend in recent months, and we have seen the transition from couture houses to our homes. Our studio is enjoying experimenting with this palette at our latest project, a family town house, which sees Cornflower Blue framing the drawing-room windows, whilst being echoed throughout the wider room scape in the upholstery.



Florals are often an integral part of home interiors and whilst we love this look, we’re always seeking new and refreshing ways to incorporate them. We recently discovered the whimsical work of Marci Rusak Studio which combine resin panels with decorative joinery. The result is furniture items which fuse real florals with more traditional designs. We love the somewhat romantic idea behind this studio’s work – the idea that these flowers and foliage were once lovingly collected and then captured and preserved indefinitely within the framework of furniture. Flora Cabinet 190 is composed of intricate stainless steel frames which support a translucent amber resin body whose curves softly mimic the organic elegance of the natural world.



Finally, we’re excited to be working on the latest collection of staff rooms and relaxation spaces with our work for Rest Nest, Karen’s charitable initiative. Designed in collaboration with the NHS, Taylor Howes Designs create truly relaxing and restorative spaces for busy and exhausted NHS staff.

This has been such a rewarding experience for the studio and so we look forward to adding a little light relief for those who truly benefit from even 5 minutes of peace and comfort during a long – and often stressful – shift.





Our wonderful Charles Street development with Redd, was featured in Luxury London Magazine as their property of the month.

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This month has seen many editorial features of our Charles Street project, including a march article by house & garden.

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