Carnival 20 – A Collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth


Carnival 20

A Collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth


Creative Head of Studio, Jane Landino, & Lead Senior Designer, Lucinda Quirk, have been working closely with Christopher Farr at their print workshop and are excited that the new colourway of ‘Carnival’ by Taylor Howes is launching in Paris Déco Off, January 2024. ‘Carnival’ is celebrating its 20th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to give it a new lease of life!


This beloved botanical print, originally sourced from the archives of Michael Szell, has graced homes with its timeless elegance and creativity. Over the years, ‘Carnival’ has seen multiple colour iterations, with the current collection boasting an impressive ten colour variations.


To mark this remarkable milestone, Christopher Farr Cloth assembled a prestigious group of design luminaries, to take part in an exclusive recolouring project. Each of the design maestros has lent their unique perspective and creative genius to the recolouring of ‘Carnival’, resulting in a captivating array of colourways that celebrate the design’s enduring appeal.