C.P. Hart Collaboration


C.P. Hart x Taylor Howes Designs


We are delighted to announce our collaboration with C.P Hart in designing a Japanese-inspired at-home spa bathroom design in their Waterloo Showroom.


Driven by a design ethos of creating a balanced and restorative design and combined with an immersive sensory experience and the Japanese culture for wellness and mindful design, we designed a cocooning and supportive bathroom that channels the design values of a world class spa with the functionality of an at-home bathroom.

At the core of Taylor Howes’ design ethos is the principle of creating spaces that nurture and inspire and act as places where people go to rejuvenate. With this value combined with the principles of balance, harmony and peace and Japanese design influences, our studio have created an experiential bathroom for CP Hart and their customers.

We believe that a bathroom today is not just a place for convenience, it is also a tranquil and resolute space that offers comfort, luxury and meditation. A room where its owner can reconnect and unwind whilst escaping from the monotony of everyday life.

Looking at the cultures of Japan, we were inspired to showcase a bathroom design that is unlike any other. Showcasing a curved, polished plaster wall which reflects the Japanese art of rock stacking and introduces a balanced and harmonised elevation, users of this bathroom are invited to meander and explore the bathroom floor, encouraging all five senses and the desire to interact with the space. Flashes of brass trim mirror the ancient art of Kintsukuroi and lend a dynamic contrast to the organic curves of the architecture. A central bonsai tree is complimented by a smaller tree and directly symbolises harmony, balance and order of thoughts whilst reflective mirror is used within the ceiling coffee to parallel the appearance of a shimmering lake. Soft, recessed lighting lends warmth and comfort and inspires the act of Onsen, a Japanese bathing experience that encourages a meditative appreciation of the body.

Holistic in design and crafted using the finest materials, the studio has created a bathroom that forces customers to rethink the functionality of bathing and self-care and encourages users to enjoy and integrate with their homes on a more personal level.

“The soul of Taylor Howes is echoed in our true design for living approach. Interior spaces are often completely re-imagined beyond the decorative, to eliminate boundaries between the built environment and a better way of life. Inherently progressive in nature we relish the opportunity to bring something new and innovative to the market through our designs. Derived from these design principles we wanted to create an inviting spa-like sanctuary that sparks curiosity through design to engage the consumer to come and immerse themselves within our curation. We wanted to completely reimagine bathroom design and challenge the way people think about and use a bathroom.” – Karen Howes, CEO & Founder, Taylor Howes Designs.