Curve Appeal




From architecture to furniture, the integration of curved shapes and organic lines within the home are to be welcomed in 2022.

With their primitive foundations and organic grandeur and beauty, soft shapes, gentle curves and meandering bends within architecture and design are providing a sense of being cocooned and comforted. A feeling of being comforted and soothed plays to our subconscious mind and influences us unknowingly to be drawn to curved products and shapes. Sculptural rattan by Soane, elegantly undulating headboards from Ensemblier and welcoming arched doorways has us entranced and besotted with all this soft and welcoming.

Our recent bathroom collaboration with C.P Hart saw us only utilise curved walls and edges, drawing on a feeling of zen as inspired by the Japanese ritual of bathing. With undulating curves, our minds are invited to relax and unwind but also explore and follow a seemingly never-ending pathway. Perhaps it is the cyclical nature of curves and organic shapes, but we can’t help but feel this trend will reappear time and time again.