Exploring the Limits of Craft


Being part of a creative studio at Taylor Howes, we are constantly seeking inspiring inputs to expand our design perspective. When designing spaces for our clients, we understand that taste is inherently subjective, and fulfilling their desires requires a dedicated combination of evolving knowledge and aesthetic sensibility.

Our passion for innovation leads us regularly to museums, galleries, and artisan studios, allowing us not only to discover new pieces that can enhance our design schemes but also to immerse ourselves in an exploration of visual wonders, where inspiration unfolds.

BDDW gallery in Mayfair is that one-of-a-kind place where the fusion of art, music, ceramics, and fashion represents the personal desire of its exclusive artist and creator, Tyler Hays, to shape its surroundings with a variety of mediums.

The feeling of stepping into the artist’s world is immediate when crossing the threshold from the refined Mayfair streets to a welcoming crafted universe where the furniture is “tattooed,” and soulful notes of American jazz music emanating from the (also handcrafted) record player.

A vibrant space where the unique approach to art is based on finding connections between objects using a wide variety of different tools such as painting, pottery, sewing, and furniture making. I was captivated by how the fireplace in the main room is not only a refined mosaic of ceramic tiles but also an opportunity to play with decorative elements – hooks or candle holders – that transcend the ordinary.

I wandered through the gallery, intrigued by the diversity of pieces, each one a tactile and visual marvel that tells a unique story. Visiting BDDW is an immersive journey into the extraordinary, where creativity unfolds in its unconventionality, and the playful aesthetics of furniture, ceramics, and lighting are always well-combined with the research of fine details that make every object in the room a piece of art on its own.


Micaela Beretta

Senior Technical Designer