The Rise of Irregular Rugs


Forget circles, rectangles and squares: as we move into 2024, we’re seeing the rise of the irregular rug.

In keeping with a broader move away from symmetry and straight lines in interior design, irregular rugs serve a practical purpose as well as a visual one. Beautiful, handmade rugs can be custom-designed to fit the shape of a room – particularly useful in older properties, where irregular proportions are common – or to accommodate a specific arrangement of furniture.


Completely unique, these rugs do much more than pull together a space: they are works of art in their own right. French company Atelier Février supplies exquisite, hand-knotted rugs in silk and wool. Its Nazar rug, made of hundreds of tessellating eye-shaped motifs, beautifully embodies this trend.


As part of the team’s design concept for the 33 apartments at Knightsbridge Gardens development, they crafted bespoke rugs with carpet and rug makers Stark. These uniquely shaped rugs were instrumental in infusing a sense of personalisation into the apartments, elevating the overall character and charm of the design.


Carpet and rug stalwart Stark have been crafting custom rugs and carpets since 1938, exploring a myriad of quirky and unconventional designs that encompass various shapes, sizes, and colours. They skilfully manipulate the spatial dynamics of the room and design specifications, transforming their rugs into works of art.