The World of Wallpaper


Whether it’s patterned or plain, neutral or neon, wallpaper is a singularly impactful way to transform a room. Here at Taylor Howes, we have long made use of wallpaper to add character, texture and colour to any space.


While it might be having a moment right now, wallpaper’s appeal has endured for centuries. Speaking at a recent panel event hosted by Phillip Jeffries, Taylor Howes Design and Creative Head of Studio Jane Landino reflected: “Design is always very cyclical. Even the Chinoiserie papers that are enjoying a huge resurgence, you look back and you think, they were probably in that house originally 150 years ago.”


We caught up with some of our close partners to find out what’s new and coming up for 2024 in the world of wallpaper.


Context is Key


At Taylor Howes we derive a great deal of our inspiration from the history and heritage of a building, as well as its wider surroundings.


In keeping with this, Phillip Jeffries’s new Fall collection Solstice encompasses diverse themes to suit different spaces. Jeiran Karimipour, International Marketing Coordinator for the brand, explains: Our “Solstice” collection offers diverse themes, including florals, geometric patterns, and neutrals, precisely because we recognise that different spaces and personal styles require other design elements. Ultimately, the popularity of these themes depends on our customers’ context and preferences.”


Staying Neutral


Karl Stedman of luxury interiors brand Holly Hunt tells us, “We are known for a more neutral colour palette as well as materials and textures to deliver walls of quiet luxury. We also add hints of metallic to create interest and dimension. Our latest wallcovering collection features warm tones like nude and blush that can be paired with a bit of moody dark brown, charcoal grey or peacock blue for a sexy contrast.”


Jeiran Karimipour agrees: “Neutrals, with their versatility and understated elegance, remain a classic choice that can complement a wide range of interior design styles.


Not Just a Pretty Space


Wallpaper does much more than simply provide an attractive backdrop. Holly Hunt has a range of wallcoverings crafted in Italy from Acoustical Trevir. With beautiful stucco-like textures, these soften noise and minimise sound in a room. “Featuring soft patterns and subtle colour contrasts to give a sense of depth and movement, these wallcoverings are perfect for cinema rooms, bedrooms, and home offices,” Stedman says.


Thinking Ahead


As in many areas of interior design, sustainability is a key factor in the ongoing evolution of wallpaper. Customers at Phillip Jeffries are increasingly looking to natural fibres and biophllic patterns that connect with nature, while digital-print wallpapers are not only more sustainable than traditionally printed ones, but allow for customisation and personal expression.


The brand is also committed to using sustainable, natural fibre materials, and for every order placed, Phillip Jeffries plants a tree as part of its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.