Newsletter – January 2024



Under the stewardship of our founder and CEO, Karen Howes and Jane Landino, the Creative and Design Head of the studio, we have set trends and delivered formerly inconceivable design creativity across residential and commercial projects for over 30 years.

Marking this milestone and in celebration we’re pleased to share our new webiste, identity and ethos.

“As a studio, Taylor Howes has rebranded in the past, but this is perhaps our most radical and ambitious to date. The studio has addressed how it operates both outwardly and inwardly, and we’ve set a strict precedent for how we wish to develop the brand and the consciousness in the way we work moving forward. We have wholeheartedly rediscovered who we are and what we want from the next decade of the company”.

Jane Landino, Creative and Design Head of Studio.



The new digital experience, including website and full-suite of social media as well as brand mark and motif, is reflective of a new era for the studio, it denotes the changing shift in sentiment across the industry, one rooted in integrity, provenance and sustainability. More broadly, it reflects the undercurrent driving change within the wealth sector as our clients seek to be mindful, moving away from a ‘fast’ approach to anything within and around their lives.

The design studio has increasingly been working on couture-level projects utilising true artisans and bespoke makers. Unique design is now our routine, with every meticulously selected item being largely bespoke, handmade or gallery-like in finish, unmatched quality is a standard.



As part of the new website, we will share inspiration, thoughts and design processes via the ‘sketchbook’, a new platform where the team can distil and share more from the world of design. The sketchbook operates as the digital incarnation of the Taylor Howes studio, which in itself is a vibrant living environment used throughout the year as an event and discussion venue. The studio, exhibition and gallery space regularly showcases the Taylor Howes network of talented artists, makers, and craftspeople. It will shine a light on artisans and fellow creatives.