Newsletter -February 2024



We launched the sixth edition of our notable trend report Kaleidoscope earlier this year. Published annually, the latest edition takes a deep dive into what we can expect to see in our homes in 2024. The report comprises five noteworthy trends, each handpicked by our talented team.

In an ever-evolving interior landscape with new fads and fashions emerging weekly, we pride themselves on creating truly timeless homes. Combining classic elements with modern touches, the team crafts spaces that remain beautiful and relevant for years. Yet we still recognises the importance of identifying the longer-lasting design movements within the industry. Kaleidoscope is derived from the art of careful observation and the creative minds at Taylor Howes.



In the world of interior design, some colours remain timeless choices while others ebb and flow over time; 2024 promises an exciting resurgence of purple, particularly in the mid-tone pastel shades. Purple can seem daunting, but it can add a soft and sophisticated touch to your living space. Subtle lilac tones such as Pantone’s ‘Burnished Lilac’, as well as Farrow and Ball’s ‘Peignoir’ and Coats’ ‘Trinket’ have been identified as colours to look out for in 2024.



Moiré, a type of silk that gets a rippled appearance under heat and pressure, may have lost its popularity in recent decades, but it is back and making big waves as we enter 2024. This material has existed for centuries and was traditionally used for luxurious gowns and wallcoverings. In the 1950s, designers Dior and Givenchy made moiré accessible to everyone by creating ladylike day dresses. Today’s interior designers are making the most of moiré’s lustrous texture while reimagining it through bold placements and unexpected pairings. Among the highlights from PAD, the team particularly admired a plush velvet sofa at the Stefanidou Tsoukala gallery.



Forget circles, rectangles and squares: as we move into 2024, we see the irregular rug’s rise. In keeping with a broader move away from symmetry and straight lines in interior design, irregular rugs serve a practical and visual purpose. Beautiful, handmade rugs can be custom-designed to fit the shape of a room – particularly useful in older properties, where irregular proportions are typical, or to accommodate a specific furniture arrangement.



Amidst the renewed enthusiasm within the interior design realm for maximinimalism, Passementerie is an excellent option to fill your room with textures, patterns and colour. Passementerie, the French word for trimmings, presents a fantastic way to enrich your design scheme with sophisticated embellishments and intricate details. We are finding a surge in requests for using trimming details in projects.



Why limit side tables to mere functionality? In the upcoming year, we’ll witness a metamorphosis of the side table into a versatile home centrepiece. Evolving into a sculptural masterpiece, it will serve the dual role of an essential furniture item while elegantly accommodating your beloved home accessories and possessions.