Newsletter – March 2024



We’re delighted to present this month’s newsletter, highlighting the exciting world of design as we celebrate London Design Week 2024. This annual event is a hub of innovation, featuring exhibitions, talks, and showcases bringing together designers, architects, creatives, and enthusiasts from around the world.



London Design Week showcases a diverse range of contemporary design through exhibitions and installations. Visitors are treated to an array of innovative furniture, lighting designs, and avant-garde installations that push the limits of creativity.

We were thrilled when Samuel Heath approached us to create a scheme board featuring their stylish taps to exhibit at London Design Week. Our team opted to present their exquisite products uniquely and imaginatively by selecting spring as our theme. Spring is a season that embodies renewal, growth, and blossoming beauty. Throughout the design process, we drew inspiration from the sights and sounds of spring, such as the gentle rustling of leaves, the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, and the chirping of birds in the trees. Our goal was to capture these sensations in our design and bring a sense of joy and renewal to those who viewed it. Our spring-themed scheme board showcased Samuel Heath’s taps and celebrated the season of rebirth and growth. We hope our design will inspire others to embrace the beauty and energy of spring and incorporate it into their own homes.



London Design Week features talks and panel discussions with industry leaders and designers. These sessions offer insights into emerging trends, design philosophies, and the intersection of design with technology, sustainability, and social impact. Attendees can engage with experts and gain new perspectives on the evolving landscape of design.

Kicking off the start of the week, our Creative & Design Head of Studio, Jane Landino took part in a panel discussion with Rubelli. Jane was accompanied by Country & Town House’s interior editor, Carole Annett, as they discussed Rubelli’s rich history which dates back to 1781. From the Georgian décor of Epping Forest Estate to the most luxurious Modern London Apartments at One Kensington Gardens, Rubelli has been a supplier of ours for many years as they not only produce amazing quality staples but also create the most beautiful designs that can be used both in a traditional and contemporary way.



During London Design Week, Karen Howes led a captivating panel discussion in collaboration with Cole & Sons, featuring esteemed guests Ed Vaizey, Louise Roe, and representatives from Cole and Sons. The panel delved into the intersection of art, design, and heritage, exploring the timeless appeal of Cole & Sons’ iconic wallpaper designs. From the evolution of patterns to the significance of craftsmanship, the conversation offered valuable insights into the brand’s rich history and its enduring influence on the world of interior design. With Karen Howes guiding the discussion, Ed Vaizey and Louise Roe shared their perspectives on the cultural significance of wallpaper and its role in shaping contemporary design trends. As representatives of Cole & Sons provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process, attendees gained a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that define the brand’s distinctive aesthetic. This insightful panel highlighted the enduring legacy of Cole & Sons and its continued relevance in the ever-changing landscape of design.



Earlier this month the team at Taylor Howes were invited to visit Adam Ellis Studio in West London. Adam Ellis Studios is a London-based fine art and design studio specialising in highly personalised wallpapers, limited edition prints, custom fabrics, and site-specific installations commissioned for both public and private interior spaces. The Studio was founded by Adam Ellis, a graduate of The Slade, and is made up of a group of talented Graphic Designers and Project Managers. The Studio’s work has been featured in various prestigious venues including Browns Hotels, Sexy Fish, The Ivy, Bacchanalia, and Annabels. The studio’s beautiful artwork and attention to detail left an impression on the team at Taylor Howes, and we look forward to future collaborations.

Thank you for reading our London Design Week Newsletter. We hope you enjoyed this year’s event and found inspiration in the showcased creativity and innovation. Don’t miss out on updates and highlights – follow us on social media. Keep dreaming, creating, and celebrating the power of design to shape the world.