Humble But Haute




Sometimes the best materials to use are the humblest: wood, wool, leather, stone and metal, we believe organic is best. 2021 is set to revitalise these organic roots and draw on them once again as sturdy foundations for exquisite design.

Remember, Florence, Rome and Venice were built from marble and are arguably the chicest cities in the world! Fashion houses have already nodded to utilising humble materiality too, with Dior showcasing terracotta, rattan and hand-woven materials on its S/S21 catwalk shows as well as a rallying cry from fashion’s most esteemed members to reinvigorate British wool, perhaps the humblest of materials. And so, we predict this trend will continue into 2021 with interior designers embracing it more than ever. Though the materiality may be humble, it’s not to say it shan’t be chic.

We Will See…

  • Focus more on the beauty of raw materials such as wood, ceramics, rattan and woven fabrics. Mix and match these materials with high end finishes and designs and you’ll instantly discover an elevated yet humble look.
  • Introduce handwoven jute rugs to the entrance hall (we love Roger Oates), marble or granite worktops for the home bar, hand-carved bespoke wooden light fittings and hand-made woollen blankets (Melin Tregwent has our vote) for a soft, cosy touch
  • The organic beauty of these humble materials also transcends into colour palettes too: think earthy tones and warmer pigments.


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