Colourful Alchemy




As we seek a deeper connection with the natural world, colours in 2021 will be about integrating neutral, earthy tones that echo the myriad of vivid colours we find around us.

Complimenting the wider movement towards more humble materials, burnt terracotta, natural linen hues and warm soil colours will take over the home, either in accent or in full.

Moreover, as we continue to find ourselves spending more time indoors again in the early part of next year, green – and its associated colour properties of life, renewal, nature, safety and energy – will be introduced as an accent colour, largely via our continued love-affair with foliage and flora and fauna in our homes.

We Will See…

  • A continuation of bringing the outdoors in.
  • Houseplants and the inclusion of fresh floristry in the home- not only does this bring warmth to schemes it also has health benefits as living plants help oxygenate the air.
  • Designers will use earthy tones mixed with the freshness of green.
  • A nod the Japanese tradition of integrating contemporary lines with verdant green elements do this.
  • The rise in fresh green tones, such as apple green and spring green, both of which are life-giving colours.