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The practise of looking back to look forward is something we have long championed and built our foundations from.

Moving into 2022 we see a variation of this expression, one suited to a more digital age that embraces technology in order to recreate, or enhance, the beauty of a bygone era. Recently, the use of technology has been used by design houses to digitally recover, or renew old patterns and prints. We have already witnessed the joy of Ben Pentreath’s newly realised collection of antique William Morris wallpapers, recoloured for the twenty first century and we believe moving into the new year we will see many more timeless patterns and papers ushered into the new world in this manner. Paris’ Antoinette Poisson recolour and renew traditional domino wallpapers for a modern crowd whilst independent print workshop, Petri Prints, specialise in reproducing centuries old lithographs and monogram prints, framing them in ultra cool and modern ways.

Heritage in design has long been a favoured aesthetic for designers but often is something that can be hard to do in a contemporary and luxurious way. Thanks now to advances in technology, we are able to embrace this style fully, confident in the knowledge that digital reproduction will ensure that archived textiles, marble papers and fabrics can work and endure the toll of everyday life in a modern setting.