Return of the Dining Room




At-home entertaining and dinner parties will still be a trend moving into 2022 with clients requesting makeovers of their tired dining rooms. They want upgrades and fabulous new rooms in which to invite friends and family for celebratory meals.

Alongside a michelin-star like dining room, the tables themselves are expected to be a work of art. Craft is king when it comes to this utilitarian object and it is set to get a serious craft-led glow-up moving into 2022. One client has had a bespoke 28-seater table made, which has the option of having a leaf added, so for even larger parties, the whole family can be seated in style. We expect to work with exquisite materials such as timber, marble and even brass when it comes to designing bespoke dining tables, often with the clients taking an active involvement in the commission to ensure their dining table is truly unique to them. Whether that is travelling to the marble quarries with our designers or adding monogram detailing to timber tabletops, a truly bespoke and personalised approach to the humble dining room is to be welcomed in the new year.

And it’s not just the physical table that’s getting an upgrade – clients want their tables to be dressed just as beautifully. We foresee a larger focus on tablescaping and investing in heirloom-style table pieces. Increasingly we have clients asking the studio to source tableware to compliment their new dining rooms and we rely on brands like Bonadea, Lesage and Mrs Alice. They all have helped to reinvigorate the sense of coming together for celebratory meals and in fashionable ways, designing spectacular tables that epitomise celebration and the act of coming together. We now expect a fully-laid table with