Relaxed Luxury




Home really is where the heart is and increasingly our clients ask us to design homes that feel warm, comfortable and cosy whilst retaining an edge of luxury and elegance. At Taylor Howes we firmly believe a comfortable home that exudes luxury is achievable and moving into 2022 we expect to be tasked with this trend even more so than normal.

Just as sports luxe has become a phenomenon that has completely reshaped fashion, from highstreet to couture, relaxed luxury within the interiors sector is going to become more of a key trend over the next 12 months. How this is achieved is through a careful curation of materiality. Baby alpaca – the alpaca wool that comes from the underside of the neck, where the fleece is most fine and soft – and finest cashmere for practical yet stylish and luxe comfort and warmer, more tactile finishes for joinery such as weathered timbers and fired-edge stones. The look is more informal and relaxed but still retains that ultra-luxe edge.


Moving into 2022 we are enjoying seeing a greater selection of handwoven fabrics that work within a luxury setting. Soi de Lune has a wonderful collection of handwoven pieces that lend chic attitude to a scheme whilst demonstrating exquisite craftsmanship. Chanel’s embroidery atelier, Lesage, have also collaborated with Loro Piana and Bonadea on a beautiful cashmere throw with unique hand embroidery: it is this level of relaxed luxury that we expect to see more of in 2022 and plan to implement into our clients’ homes. Working hand in hand with this trend is the way in which these materials are crafted and produced – so often adding that ultra luxurious and comfortable edge that is now so desired. Our focus has always been on using traditional skills and whole materials but moving into the new year we will be embracing this aspect of design further: expect to see 100% silks, cotton velvets and real leather whilst all our upholstery will be made traditionally using horse hair and timber.