For those wanting to make a bold statement within their home, an experiential craft experience seems to be the way forward. More so than ever our clients want their homes to tell a story, to be an extension of their personalities.

As our homes continue to be places where we entertain family and friends regularly, we have found our clients have an appetite for introducing spectacular and unique design stories. Commissioning special items within the home, whether it’s a hand-painted fireplace or a statement lighting display has become the norm for our UHNW clients. The glass and porcelain artists Vezzini and Chen design and hand-make exquisite lighting fixtures that straddle practicality with art. A recent project saw the studio working with the artistic duo on a bespoke wall light for a bathroom which was designed in collaboration with the client. We’ve even been developing a spectacular cinema room for a client couple which will include a personalised star map of the day the couple met – each star will be lit from within and glow above their heads.

The growing idea of investing in relationships is becoming an integral part of the bespoke journey for our clients. They want to be a part of the design story and work with the craftspeople, artists and artisans as closely as possible so that they feel their thoughts and ideas are intertwined within the end product. As designers we help facilitate this elevated and personalised journey that our clients crave so much. The longevity of the clients’ relationships with the makers is as important, if not more important, than the end product and the cost involved meaning there is a whole other level of individualism and personalisation introduced into the overall design or project.