Neoclassical Design




Like everything, interior trends are cyclical and one trend we are seeing the return of is Neoclassical. But this time, Neoclassical style is being targeted at Millennials.

We have seen an increase in requests for timeless homes that exude traditional style and panache and interestingly, these requests have come from young and successful 30 year olds. These young, high earners are creating homes that combine luxury and opulence with a relaxed atmosphere to provide an elegant aura and charm. Their homes are layered in style; a blend of chic European sensibilities and traditional English country house style with the added edge of contemporary craftsmanship and modern heirlooms. We have found that Neoclassical style comes back time and time again because it is a look that is effortlessly elegant, a timeless aesthetic that doesn’t date thanks to its beautiful proportions and architectural detailing.

We have found the Neoclassical look to be especially versatile; allowing clients to build upon its foundations – whether that be in a modernist way or a more traditional angle. The Neoclassical base brings flexibility to our FF&E schemes and decisions as a sculptural modern piece of furniture works just as perfect as a more decorative Rococo armoire, for instance. Much like the grand palazzos of Italy, or the chic townhouses of Paris, a Millennial-inspired Neoclassical interior lends instant good taste in which to build from.